Spotless Package #1
Most Thorough Cleaning Ever ,Or It's Free
Includes all the steps listed below for .32 Sq.Ft. (I only measure the area of carpet to be cleaned!)

1. Pre-Vacuum Of Dry Soil

2. Move Most  Furniture                                                                         

3. Pre-Spotting For Difficult Stains

4. Heavy Duty Pre-Spray On ALL  Areas To Remove Oily Dirt And Other Pollutants 

5. Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction 

6. Residue Free Rinse To Prevent Re-Soiling

7.Groom Carpet

8. FREE Bottle Of Multi Purpose Spotter

9. Subscription To My Newsletter  

Spotless Package #2
With Dupont Teflon Fabric Protector
Most Thorough Cleaning Ever, Or It's Free
Includes all steps listed below for .42 Sq.Ft. (I only measure the area of carpet to be cleaned!)

1. Includes ALL The Steps In Package #1

2. Plus Application Of Dupont Teflon Fabric Protector(.20 Per Sq. Ft Value For Only .10 Per Sq.Ft.) 

3. You Also Receive A One Year Warrenty Against Permanent Stains.

4. FREE Bottle Of Multi Purpose Spotter 

5. Subscription To My Newsletter

6. $20 Gift Certificate Good For Upholstery or Tile & Grout Cleaning

NOTE: For pet odorrs and stale smells a deodorizing treatment can be added to both packages for (.10 sq.ft.)Severe pet urine problems will require a decontamination process.
Warning: Unprotected carpets stain permanently, soil faster, wear prematurely, and void your warranty. Adding fabric protection to your cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and prevent you from replacing your carpets before you should have to.
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