carpet cleaning, Chandler Az

How frequently should I have my Chandler az  Carpets professionaly cleaned Cleaned?You must follow your carpet manufacturer's carpet cleaning guidelines  if you want to keep your warranty valid. Only hire a professional carpet cleaning company to maintain you're carpets. It's recomenndod you do this every 12 to 18 months wether you think they are dirty or not, sooner if you are noticing visible discoloration.

If you no longer have a warranty, then you may consider the following variables when deciding how often you should have your chandler az carpets cleaned.

KIDS:  They can increase the frequency.  .  More people  means increased carpet traffic.  If you have children in the home, the suggested amount of time between professional carpet cleaning can range from 6 months to 1 year. Anything your child spills or draws on the carpet needs to be cleaned immediatly to avoid permanent staining.

PETS:  Everyone loves there  pets!  Because of the dirt tracked in, shedding and dander you may need to clean your carpets every 3 to 6 months.  Frequent vacuuming can help you avoid such frequent professional cleanings, this means atleat three times a week. If your pet has bladder or house training problems, theses areas should be cleaned by a carpet cleaning  professional. Chandler carpet cleaner