Hot Water Extraction and steam cleaning.

Did you know that Hot Water Extraction and steam cleaning are not the same things? In fact, they are two completely different processes of cleaning your carpet. Most people, industry professionals included, will say steam cleaning even though they are speaking of Hot Water Extraction. Even though hot water extraction is called steam cleaning most of the time, it is important to know the difference. The difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning could make the difference on the life of your carpet.


The main difference between Hot Water Extraction in Scottsdale, AZ and steam cleaning is the temperature of the water. Steam cleaning uses water hot enough to turn into steam and is not effective in rinsing the carpet afterwards. Hot water extraction uses hot water but not water hot enough to turn into steam. Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction. Hot water extraction prevents shrinkage in the carpet. Hot water extraction also will treat stains in the carpet while steam cleaning usually sets stains.


Most professional carpet cleaning companies uses Hot Water Extraction when cleaning carpets, but will usually call it steam cleaning. Any professional company will make sure that most of the water sprayed onto your carpet is removed to prevent mildew and unhealthy conditions. Most professional carpet cleaning companies and other industry professionals consider hot water extraction to be superior to steam cleaning.


If you would like an estimate on having your carpets professionally cleaned, call Spotless Carpet Care today. We use the hot water extraction process and our equipment is always serviced and in good working order. We also train our technicians in the most effective ways to clean carpets using the hot water extraction process.

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