Chandler Az,"Three Reasons To Be “Thankful”

Hello Chandler Az Friends & Clients!



This is the time of the year most people spend

getting ready to give thanks. The season in Chandler Az is usually spent hanging out with friends and family.

Celebrating family traditions. Having parties. Enjoying delicious foods.

We all count our blessings (hopefully everyday) whether it’s being thankful for our health,

our daily food, or our families. But how about being thankful for having clean carpets? Here are 3

reasons to be thankful for those clean Chandler AZ carpets this holiday season:

Reason #1 to be thankful for clean carpet: They look beautiful for all your friends, family and

guests. Just imagine welcoming all your holiday company with bright, soft, fluffy, clean carpets.

Everyone will “Ooooh!” and “Awww” over your wonderful housekeeping abilities – you’re a

regular Martha Stewart aren’t you?

Reason #2 to be thankful for clean carpet: You know they will last longer when you maintain

them properly. New carpet costs thousands of dollars. Who wants to replace carpet before it’s

time? When you follow your manufacture’s advice and have them professionally steam cleaned

every 6-12 months you know they will look beautiful and last for years.

Reason #3 to be thankful for clean carpet: You and your family will breathe easier this winter.

With winter time in chandler AZ comes lots of time indoors in a house that’s sealed up tight. When you clean your

carpets you clean your indoor air. A clean home really is a healthy home!