Chandler 85286, clean your carpet to keep your family healthy

Hi Chandler Az, How does your home smell?   do you know what kind of pollutants are in your home? Pollutants in the air filter into your carpet and the carpet holds onto them. This is actually good news, your carpet is filtering this pollutants out of the air so you don’t breath them over and over.  But what happens when when your carpets get full?  You and your family start breathing dust mite debris, pollens, pollutants, fungus, spores, bacteria and well you get the idea.  cleaning your carpets for air qaulity is just as important as cleaning for appearance. You should have your Chandler az carpets professionaly cleaned every six months and you will breath easier.


Cleaning your chandler az carpets frequently, when traffic lanes 1st start to appear, will help them last longer, look better while protecting your family’s health.  

keeping your home healthy, chandler az