Carpet cleaning , Scottsdale Az

Owner of Spotless Carpet Care, Steve Cordell worked for many years in the carpet cleaning industry before branching out and founding his own company in 2002. Armed with a vast arsenal of carpet cleaning knowledge, it has always been Cordell’s goal to offer the best service and best products to his customers at a fair price. In order to preserve the life span of carpet and protect that particular home investment, it is important to Steve to ensure that his customers’ carpets are properly cleaned, disinfected and protected.

“One of things I always like to tell my customers is that the method we use is the most thorough way to clean a carpet in order to make your home healthier,” Cordell explains. “The method is a truck-mounted hot water extraction. It’s a lot more powerful equipment than what you can buy or rent at a store. The biggest benefit is that the water is 230 degrees-the hotter the temperature, the better the cleaning power and the better the disinfection.”

He continues, “People have their carpets cleaned to look better but this also helps with allergy problems and asthma. Carpets are basically like the filters in your home.” Carpets trap dust, dirt, pet dander, hair, pollutants, fungus, cigarette smoke and bacteria. “Cleaning processes that don’t use a rinse process or high heat like this machine does, won’t disinfect the carpet,” says Cordell. Some companies utilize shampoo methods which scrub the upper surface with stiff rotary brushes that damage the carpet. The circular motion then moves the dirt around, but the dirt is never fully removed from the carpet, which causes it to quickly get dirty again. In fact, the hot water extraction method utilized by Spotless Carpet Care is the cleaning method that is recommended by all carpet manufacturers.

Spotless Carpet Care utilizes an effective pre-treatment spray that breaks up the soil on the carpet initially. “With this method, in addition to cleaning the carpet and pulling all the dirt out, it thoroughly rinses out the detergent and disinfects the carpet, too,” adds Cordell. “We don’t just rinse it with hot water-there is also a neutralizing agent that is used. All detergents are based on a Ph-balance scale. Detergents are typically high in alkaline. That’s why we don’t just rinse it with water. We neutralize it and leave the carpet in the natural state it is supposed to be.” This is a residue-free style of cleaning and it helps to prolong the life of the carpet.

Cordell recommends that carpets be cleaned every nine months to a year. Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s a great time to get your carpets cleaned in preparation for the holidays. “What’s nice about the fall is more people have their doors open and they’re not worried about having the air conditioning on and leaving the doors open while we do the cleaning. It’s more convenient for the client,” he says.

As a special for readers, Cordell is offering a free Teflon fabric protector application for any new customers. “A lot of carpets come with a fabric protector, but it wears off over time. The fabric protector is something that maintains the carpet and keeps it clean,” Cordell states.

“I got into this so I could keep control of the quality and service. I speak with every client, I take every phone call and I’ve met almost every one of our clients. This is how I build lasting relationships,” finishes Cordell. Spotless Carpet Care is based out of Chandler and operates primarily in the East Valley. Visit or call (480) 821-4176 for additional information or to make an appointment.