Beautiful Scottsdale, AZ Upholstery Cleaning

 You have beautiful upholstered furniture, but you also have children, family members, friends, and a husband who enjoys eating while reclining. Therefore, dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, and stains are bound to find their way into your upholstered couches and chairs. When your upholstered furniture starts to look a little dingy, it is time to call us. We will provide you with a refreshing upholstery cleaning that will prolong the life of your furniture, as well as to keep your kids, pets, friends, and family, healthy and breathing safe, clean air.

 Our upholstery furniture cleaning methods are guaranteed to clean the deepest stains, but will be gentle enough not to damage your upholstery. We only use natural, organic carbonated cleaning solutions that work away at breaking up the dirt, grime, and stain molecules that are trapped deep down within the fibers of your furniture. We can work with all types of upholstered furniture materials without leaving behind soap or detergent residues.

 When we enter your home or office for your Scottsdale, AZ upholstery cleaning, we ask if anyone suffers from allergies because chances are dirty and dusty upholstery furniture could be one of the culprits. Soft upholstery furnishings are giant filters that absorb and collect common allergy and germ contaminants. However, just like an air filter, upholstery furnishings must be cleaned properly so that they remain clean and air quality fresh.

 Our cleaning products and methods are tested and approved by leading air quality labs, in order to be labeled to remove 98.1% of common allergens. We will prove our goal to help deodorize and sanitize your upholstery, with the following guarantees:

 ● Sanitize upholstery to get rid of unhealthy bacteria and germs that can cause illness.

● Reduce the contaminants that cause allergies and odors, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, dust, and stains.

● Our Scottsdale, AZ upholstery cleaning uses special deodorizers to get rid of any unnatural smell.


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